Pixel flash twrp and magisk (刷入)android pie 9.0

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  1. You have to unlock bootloader first!(cilick here to find how to unlock boot loader!!!)
  2. In CMD run"adb reboot bootloader" or Manually reboot to bootloader(press power+volume down)
  3. Run "fastboot boot twrp_recovery.img" (twrp recovery.img change to your download file name, and should keep it in the same folder as fastboot.exe.)
  4. then phone will boot to twrp recovery, then flash twrp zip
  5. Finished!
  6. then flash the magisk zip in twrp recovery.
  7. Finished! again!

  1. 你需要先解锁BOOTLOADER(点击查看如何解锁)
  2. 在CMD中 "adb reboot bootloader" ,或者手动启动到bootloader,电源+音量下
  3. cmd中 "fastboot boot twrp_recovery.img" (
    twrp_recovery.img 替换成你自己下载的recovery名字,并且把它放到与 fastboot.exe同文件夹下)
  4. 手机会重启到twrp recovery里面,然后刷入twrp.zip的压缩包
  5. 完成!
  6. 然后在twrp recovery中刷入magisk包
  7. 又完成了!

tested on my pixel 1

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