Pixel 美版 verizon,解锁OEM,Android pie,Android9.0

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Verizon美版pixel,Android pie系统

解锁Oem 出现一些很麻烦的问题

根据XDA 的方法,并刷入dePixel8(虽然显示失败,但是可以解)

(from XDA↓)

  1. Remove Google account and any kind of screen lock (fingerprint, PIN, pattern, etc.) from your device.移除Google账户,还有屏幕锁(指纹,PIN,图形等)
  2. Eject sim card from your device. 从设备中弹出SIM电话卡
  3. Reset your device. In setup wizard, skip everything, don’t connect to WiFi, don’t add fingerprint or any kind of screen lock.重置你的手机,在开始引导中,跳过所有,不要连接WIFI,不要加入指纹或者任何形式的屏幕锁
  4. Go to Developer Options and enable USB debugging.在开发者选项中打开USB调试
  5. Connect your phone to PC.将手机连接到电脑
  6. Open CMD in adb directory and type: adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 com.android.phone 打开CMD,adb中输入上面的代码
  7. Restart your device.重启手机
  8. Connect to WiFi, open Chrome and go to google.com (or any website really).连接wifi,打开浏览器访问一个网站。
  9. Go to Developer Options and enable OEM unlocking.去开发者模式中打开OEM锁
  10. Reboot into bootloader and via CMD run: fastboot oem unlock OR fastboot flashing unlock重启进入BOOTLOADER 在CMD中解锁

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